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building together the Assalaam Spaceport for Peace

To celebrate Ramadaan Al Mubaarak, and also with a thought for the sad events affecting the peace of our Muslim community around the world, I have named my project of a space launch centre serving the world from Vancouver Island, BC, the Assalaam Spaceport for Peace.

The inspirational program through which adult supporters are backing me in this space venture while having lots of ‘heavenly’ fun themselves is now called Assalaam Spaceport Builders.

The special version for school kids is now called Assalaam Spaceport Kids and already has many Muslim and non-Muslim kids in it.

Phase 1 in the project is a promotional and inspirational fun program that will put the handwritten name and message of the first 1000 supporters inside a real satellite destined to orbit Earth for years to come. That is ongoing through Assalaam Spaceport Builders and Assalaam Spaceport Kids.

Phase 2 is the building of a small moon-like satellite dedicated exclusively to peaceful applications such as education and environmental conservation around the world: the Moon-Assalaam Peace Satellite.

Phase 3 is the Assalaam Spaceport for Peace, the first space launch centre in the world devoted exclusively to peaceful space missions for the benefit of all humanity.

The Islamic civilization has a proud legacy of world leadership in the sciences, which is how most of the bright stars in the sky like Rigel, Altair or Aldebaran came to have Arabic names.

Together, let us make a proud step towards resurrecting that past glory:
- Get Assalaam Spaceport Builders for you, your friends and family.
- Get Assalaam Spaceport Kids for the school kids in your life.

And let us work together with all other nations of good will to bring back peace and pride to our world Muslim community.

Shukran, wassalaam,

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