Join me in one of my dearest dreams: to see a space launch service devoted exclusively to peaceful missions at the service of all.

My proposed BC Spaceport for Peace is a concept space launch centre specializing in spacecraft dedicated to such fields as planet-wide literacy and education dissemination, worldwide inter-community communications, climate monitoring and environmental conservation, etc. It will also be Canada’s first orbital spaceport: and the world’s first opportunity to launch into orbit from Canada’s vast territory that borders three oceans..

In 2010, I was honored to propose that Vancouver Island be Canada’s future hub for space launch activities and the first Canadian gateway to outer space (ENLARGE):


Initially, the BC Spaceport will likely launch primarily on polar orbits over the Pacific Ocean, delivering payloads such as small industrial and research satellites dedicated exclusively to peaceful projects.

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Since 2010, I have been advocating that such a space launch centre would be ideally located on the West coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As it happens, these BC space missions would be the very first orbital missions to take off from Canada:

Have fun browsing for more on this Vancouver Island space launch project on national Canadian media:

or on a British Columbia news shows: