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GET One Year of Fun Education in Islamic Civilization…

Time to better educate our youth and ourselves (and the world!) about the great Islamic Civilization that our Muslim community has the honor to come from…

My pleasure to let you know that supporters of the Salaam Spaceport for Peace through Spaceport Club or Spaceport Kids™ will now also enjoy one year of fun education in Islamic Civilization: Retreats, dinner presentations & live shows on all aspects of life (spirituality, health, nutrition, fashion, arts, science…)

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Hi, my name is Redouane. I am a Moroccan Canadian astrophysicist and cosmologist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I was born and raised in a civilization that contributed very many parts of the global modern civilization we enjoy today, from medicine to astronomy, from fashion to nutrition, from music to architecture…

In Fez, Morocco, I went to school a few blocks from the oldest functioning university in the world today, the Al-Qarawiyyin, built in 859 by a Muslim woman called Fatima Al-Fihri. For centuries, scholars of various faiths were educated there-including perhaps the most prominent early Jewish philosopher, Maimonides-who together with scholars from other parts of the Islamic world built what became later know as the European Renaissance.

I have always had the dream to see this vibrant, original, prolific, ethnically and religiously inclusive civilization contribute again to the now global march of science, technology, arts and letters, and civilization at large.

I am presently working on building the first space launch centre on our beautiful but troubled planet to be dedicated exclusively to peaceful space missions: the Salaam Spaceport for Peace.

In 2010, I proposed that such a space launch centre would be located on the West coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As it happens, these would be the very first orbital space missions to take off from Canada…

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