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Whatever your background,
- help shape an Islamic culture for the 21st century:
Enjoy Retreat October 18th, 2014
Poster 2014-10-18 SPIRITUAL
Enjoy Kids Retreat October 18th, 2014
Poster 2014-10-18 SPIRITUAL KIDS

- help build a space age monument to world peace and 21st century Islam:
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Explore Salaam Spaceport Kids
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Share the dream of seeing Earth’s diverse cultures build together a peaceful future for space technology and space exploration. Participate in building the first space launch centre devoted exclusively to peaceful space missions such as planet-wide educational missions and environmental protection missions: the Salaam Spaceport for Peace.

Participate to Salaam Spaceport Club and Salaam Spaceport Kids and receive:
(1) Inspirational recognition for your participation by having your handwritten name launched aboard a satellite into Earth orbit where it can be monitored for years to come;
(2) Year-long fun education on interesting ties between seemingly distant Earth cultures and civilizations: Retreats, dinner presentations & live shows on all aspects of life: spirituality, health, music, nutrition, fashion, arts, sciences, etc.

Join the Salaam Spaceport Club today:

and sign up school kids for the youth version called “Salaam Spaceport Kids“:

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