CC and RF 1-2Dr Redouane Al Fakir and BC Premier the H. Christy Clark

Redouane with visiting Cody (Space Launch Kids) and his mom Lois (Space Launch Founders) at the Vancouver Space Centre, BC, Canada.

Hello and welcome! My name is Redouane.  I invite you to share my Canadian dream of building the first spaceport devoted exclusively to peaceful space missions for the benefit of all humanity, the BC Spaceport for Peace.

What you get for championing the vision and sharing the dream?

(1) Reconnect with your innate inspiration that once guided you to the highest peaks of achievement in your life. Strengthen your lifelong learning and your spiritual journey by staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge about the universe. Enjoy year-round retreats (attend in person or watch online) as a Space Launch Founder today:

(2) Help your school kids reconnect with their innate inspiration which instinctively fills children with awe for the mysteries of the universe, and will motivate them to climb the highest peaks of achievement in their future lives. In the age of computer games and digital media, keep them deeply motivated and inspired by year-round teachings about outer space and planet Earth. Offer them Space Launch Kidstoday:

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